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Libertas Health Company develops the highest quality of a unique balance of vitamins and nutritional botanical supplements to optimize cardiovascular health, improve muscular and cardiovascular endurance, stamina, performance, and recovery during and after exercise, enhance mental acuity and focus, and to support overall cardiovascular health. Our products support the "Libertas Trinity of Health": peripheral vascular (legs), cardiovascular (heart), and cerebrovascular (mind).  Libertas Health Co. products increase mental and physical endurance...for today and for life.  Libertas for Life!




The Libertas team brings dedicated and extensive experience in both cardiovascular medicine and cardiovascular products, from the perspective of both a health care and industry professional, patient, and consumer.  As active athletes ourselves, our team understands the need for science backed supplements that not only benefit athletic performance, but also supports overall cardiovascular health.

Libertas Health Company’s products are all manufactured in the U.S.A, in a cGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Practices) facility and in addition follow GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) as mandated by the FDA.  Headquartered in Fairhope, Alabama, Libertas sells its unique supplements throughout North America. 


Scientific Advisory Board

We formulate our supplements with the guidance of some of the most experienced and well-trained cardiovascular physicians in the United States. Libertas’ Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is composed of physicians with whom our leadership team has worked for several years, and represents specific disciplines involved in the daily diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease. The SAB provides our management team with both a thorough understanding of cardiovascular physiology and clinical expertise during the exploration and discovery phases of supplement formula development. This team also offers sound clinical judgment that allows us to design, study, and follow the clinical results achieved from our supplements. 


SAB Members:

Charles Mayes, Jr., M.D. – Director, Scientific Advisory Board and Co-Founder of Libertas Health Company
Dr. Mayes is an interventional cardiologist in Lafayette, Louisiana. He is board-certified in Cardiovascular Disease and Interventional Cardiology. Dr. Mayes is a graduate of Vanderbilt University (where he was Captain of men’s varsity basketball team) and Vanderbilt University Medical School in Nashville, Tennessee.  He completed his General Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology fellowship at the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. Dr. Mayes maintains his practice in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Dr. Stephen Williams, MD, MPH, FACC 

Dr Williams is an Asst. Professor of Medicine and the Director of the Vascular Medicine Center – Peripheral and Cardiac Intervention at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  Dr. Williams attended Harvard Medical School and later completed his residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and fellowships at Texas Heart Institute and University of California at San Francisco.  After time on the medical staff at Stanford University, he joined Cardiology Department at Johns Hopkins. 


Dr. Mark Campbell, M.D.
Dr. Campbell is an interventional cardiologist in Lafayette, Louisiana. He is board-certified in Cardiovascular Disease and Interventional Cardiology. He completed his General Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology fellowship at the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. Dr. Campbell maintains his practice in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Dr. Alan Block, D.P.M., M.S.
Dr. Alan Block is an Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics, Chief – Section of Podiatry at Ohio State Medical Center, and is Residency Director of the Podiatric Medical and Surgical Program at Ohio State University Medical Center.  Dr. Block is a graduate of the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine and California College of Podiatric Medicine, finishing an Advanced Ankle Surgery & Sports Medicine Fellowship at Hayward Foot and Ankle Clinic in Hayward, CA.  He is a board certified podiatric surgeon, a member of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, and is past president of the Ohio Podiatric Medical Association.

Dr. Block is an active and frequent lecturer across the U.S. on the subjects of Peripheral Arterial Disease and Wound Care Management.  Dr. Block currently practices in Columbus, Ohio.
Dr. Desmond P. Bell, Jr., DPM, CWS, FAPWCA

Dr. Desmond Bell is a Board Certified Wound Specialist (CWS)-(American Academy of Wound Management), a Fellow of the American College of Certified Wound Specialists and presently serves on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Wound Management.  Dr. Bell is the founder of the “Save a Leg, Save a Life” Foundation, a multi-disciplinary non-profit organization dedicated to the reduction in lower extremity amputations and improving wound healing outcomes through evidence based methodology and community outreach. Dr. Bell is the founder of the Limb Salvage Institute and Wound Care on Wheels, LLC, a service providing wound care to patients in the hospital, home, office or long term care settings.  Wound Care on Wheels evolved from his previous practice model, the First Coast Diabetic Foot & Wound Management Center, a free standing outpatient wound management center.   He also previously served as the assistant Medical Director of the Wound Management Center of Jacksonville, FL.

Dr. Bell is a graduate of Tulane University and the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. He served his residency training programs at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Philadelphia and Delaware Valley Medical Center in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. While at the VA, Dr. Bell received a Commendation in part for his role in wound care. He served as chief Podiatric Surgical resident and was actively involved in the Wound Care Center at Delaware Valley.

Dr. Bell is the founder and Director of the Southeastern Interactive Wound Summit (SIWS), a multi-disciplinary conference on advanced wound management.  He is a frequent lecturer and author on the subject of wound care, peripheral arterial disease and diabetes. Dr. Bell has lectured on behalf of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida, the American Diabetes Association, the University of North Florida, the Jacksonville Area Diabetes Educators, the American Professional Wound care Association, the American Podiatric Medical Association, the Florida Podiatric Medical Association, the Podiatry Institute, New Cardiovascular Horizons and the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Evidence-based Management of Chronic Wounds program. He is a member of the Speaker's Bureau of Organogenesis, is a clinical investigator for SpiraCur, Inc., and serves as a consultant with Biolife, LLC and PeleNova. He has been in private practice in Jacksonville, Florida since 1997 and is on staff at Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville, St. Luke’s Hospital, St. Vincent’s Medical Center and Specialty Hospital of Jacksonville. Dr. Bell served on the Medical Executive Committee at Specialty Hospital and is active in the Wound Management program there.

Dr. Bell can be found at the following sites: ; ;


Libertas News

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Daily intakes of resveratrol – a compound from red wine – may improve the metabolic profile of people with obesity, according to a new study from Denmark.

Writing in the International Journal of Obesity, researchers from Aarhus University report that resveratrol changed the production of certain compounds called adipokines from human fat cells, and produced an anti-inflammatory effect.

Libertas Health Company Announces Addition of Dr. Stephen Williams to Scientific Advisory Board

Libertas Health Company is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Stephen Williams, MD, MPH, FACC to its Scientific Advisory Board.  Dr Williams is an Asst. Professor of Medicine and the Director of the Vascular Medicine Center – Peripheral and Cardiac Intervention at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.



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Resveratrol’s anti-inflammatory power gets human data boost 

Libertas Vascular Health was developed around the synergy of Rhodiola and Cordyceps to support P.A.D. patients in walking and exercise programs before and/or after endovascular or surgical procedures, just as the combination of these botanical supplements are often used to support tri-athletes in training and endurance events. Read more...

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